Company: Pegatron Corporation
Date: 2023/10/16

Pegatron Showcases New AI and High-Efficiency
Computing Servers at OCP Global Summit 2023

Pegatron, a world renowned EMS+ manufacturer focused on providing a rich product experience and global footprint, is collaborating with NVIDIA, AMD, Ampere Computing and, Intel to develop products for AI and high efficiency computing, aligning with global environmental, social, and governance (ESG) trends and i nitiatives.

To showcase its latest advanced server and storage products, Pegatron an NVIDIA Partner Network member will demonstrate its AI accelerated compute platform at this year's OCP Global Summit, to be held October 17 19 in San Jose, California. Upgradability, scalability, high efficiency computing, and accelerated computing are the design concepts for Pegatron server products, aligned with the global trend of sustainability. Furthermore, modularity is a common design principle in Pegatron's product designs, not only reducing product development time but also contributing to sustainability by minimizing resource waste through the shared use of modular components across various products. Attendees can see these advanced design features in Pegatron's product showcase at the event: 

- AS201-1N0, an AI server, utilizes the NVIDIA MGX 2U chassis design. Equipped with the powerful NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper S uperchip AS201 1N0 is suitable for large scale AI and high performance computing (HPC) applications running on
terabytes of data. Combined with the NVIDIA BlueField 3 DPU , it enables software defined, hardware accelerated cloud infrastructure. This system is certified for the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform, which provides enterprise grade security, stability, and support for generative AI workloads.

- SS500-1T0 is a 5U Intel Eagle Stream Storage Server capable of accommodating up to 112 HDDs equipped with Broadcom 9600 16i HBA adapter. SS500 1T0 supports current CMR and SMR HDDs and is also designed to support upcoming HAMR HDDs
for increased storage capacity. Its modular hardware design, combined with an efficient rotation vibration (RV) solution, protects HDDs from the effects of of vibrations, noise, and heat interference.vibrations, noise, and heat interference.

- AS200-1P0, a flexible AI server with a 1 socket Ampere processor, is capable of installing up to 4x NVIDIA A100 Tensor C ore GPUs , delivering unprecedented acceleration for AI, data analytics, and HPC applications. Or, it can use 4 x NVIDIA
L40 GPU s , delivering transformative neural graphics, virtualization, compute, and AI capabilities. This system is also certified for the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform.

-MS100-4A0, a 1U 2 Node 2 socket AMD Genoa processors high compute server.

- GS201-2P0, an Arm based 2U general purpose server with 2 socket Ampere Altar/Altra MAX processors.

- GS200-2T0, a 2U Intel Eagle Stream general purpose server with 2 socket Intel Sapphire Rapids/Emerald Rapid s processors, can support 24x SAS/SATA/NVMe SSDs equipped with Broadcom 9670 24i RAID adapter.

- FM6256 BNF, a managed 56 port 25GbE/100GbE Data Center Switch.

“This is Pegatron’s first participation in the OCP Global Summit, and we are honored to become a part of the OCP community, sharing product specifications through the OPEN mechanism. We anticipate thriving together with OCP community members,
especially in the field of AI acceleration ..” said James Shue, Senior Vice President and CTO of Pegatron.

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