Employees are the most valuable asset,
because their dedication
serves to lay a firm foundation
for the company's future developments.

Please read the following statement thoroughly.

I hereby grant PEGATRON Corporation, its affiliates (hereinafter collectively “PEGATRON Group”) and any third party authorized by PEGATRON Group the right to, in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, collect, process and use within the scope of specific purposes of recruitment, employment and human resource management (“Purposes”) my personal information which have been or will be provided (“Personal Information”). I also agree that PEGATRON Group is entitled to preserve the Personal Information even if such Purposes no longer exist. I hereby confirm that I have been notified clearly and precisely by PEGATRON Group of the purpose of collection, the classification of the Personal Information, and the period, area, subject, and method of the use of the Personal Information. I also understand the rights that I am entitled to and the ways to exercise such rights under the Article 3 of the Personal Information Protection Act, and further understand the effects on me  that may arise if I refuse to provide my Personal Information.