Product & Service

The energy of innovation and transformation guides us to foster competitiveness for our clients through different aspects.

Consumer Electronics


Our high level of system integration ability and innovative power supply technology enable us to develop various platforms and the latest operating system, in turn facilitating the design of high added value and highly efficient tablets for the market. For special products with commercial or industrial applications, Pegatron is able to provide highly flexible design solutions to cater to unique specifications.

Game console

Game consoles refer to machines or equipment used to play games. Depending on how the game is played, game consoles are divided into home video game consoles (desktop) or palmtop game consoles (portable). As computer technology advances with time, game consoles have evolved to offer diverse functions such as online video services. Game consoles are also a type of computer, because its major components are identical to a computer, with main hardware consisting of CPU, memory, storage medium, audio/video output and signal input ports. However, game consoles focus heavily on graphics, sound and operating functionality compared to PCs, and a plethora of software/hardware is available for upgrades. Pegatron’s game console R&D team has numerous years of experience in this field, so we can quickly respond to and satisfy our clients’ needs, be it the design/production of complete machines or peripheral products.