Occupational Safety Management

Strengthen occupational safety through implementation of safety and health control

PEGATRON pays attention to risk assessment and management of our overall operations. We periodically perform CSR related risk identification, evaluation, control and review. In addition, each site obeys local authority requirements to perform environmental monitoring and occupational exposure assessments to ensure all employees’ occupational safety and health as well as the quality of the work environment. We take occupational control measures to prevent the occurrence of workplace disasters and perform emergency-related operations, including entrusting professional agencies and technicians with fire-fighting equipment and appliances scheduled maintenance. We hold annual emergency training and escape training of at least one or more times, update on internal self-protect fire protection group list regularly and monthly fire and electrical safety supervision and management. In order to implement the access control management and enhance workplace security, wearing identification cards is required to enter the factory area. For communication of risks, in addition to PureCSR committee meetings, review meetings and employee suggestion boxes, we position risk identification, risk management and risk perception as important subjects in our training and communication.


Risk Assessment

Reduce workplace incidents through risk assessment

Pegatron values risk assessment and occupational safety and health control in daily operation. Following the risk and opportunity assessment management method, each factory regularly conducts corporate social responsibility-related risk checks, evaluation, control, and review. The daily procurement and change management procedures are also regulated in the management measures. Furthermore, Each plant implements work environment testing and workplace exposure assessments by local laws and regulations. The purpose of the above actions is to ensure the safety and health of the working environment.

Response and Preparedness

Strengthen response capability through regular drills

In terms of emergency response, we clearly define organizational structures and personnel responsibilities, and bases on the incident severity to establish emergency response processes. The emergency response plan also includes disaster recovery organization, responsibilities and processes. For fires, typhoons, earthquakes, chemical spills, liquid gas leakages and emerging infectious diseases, we develop emergency plans and regularly, through drills and training, improve the capabilities of the emergency response team and the hazard awareness of the staff. For emerging infectious diseases, an epidemic prevention team is established for real-time monitoring of any developing epidemic situation both domestically and abroad, with timely implementation of integrated epidemic prevention supplies and control actions.

Health Promotion

Establish comprehensive health management

Because employees are our most important assets, we pay more and more attention to their health care and health promotion. We set aside a certain sum of revenue to maintain and promote employees’ work and life quality, including health care, health promotion, occupational health, and employee assistance programs. Each site has set up an infirmary to provide outpatient services. Regular occupational health checkups for employees, first aid training, health seminars and weight management are offered.

Employee Communications

Provide a wide range of communication channels

In order to allow employees to access the best attention and care, we encourage employees to use a range of channels to offer opinions. This also allows the company to listen to colleagues and make improvements to the organizational culture and atmosphere. Communication channels include an Employee’s Suggestion Mail Box (i-PEGA BOX), Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Employee Welfare Committee, Coffee Time with the CEO, CEO’s Talk, Department Employee Service Hotline, Mental Health Counseling Hotline, Health Hotline, and Grievance Mechanism.