Product & Service

The energy of innovation and transformation guides us to foster competitiveness for our clients through different aspects.

Smart Electronics

Wearable technology

Wearable devices emphasize fashionable, compact and succinct design, and they often feature user-friendly, intuitive user interface. They not only keep track of various measurements during workout but are also equipped with GPS, altitude and health management functions. At the same time, in conjunction with IoT, data can be sent to the cloud for analysis and management. Other functions include mobile payment, telephone and text messaging. Furthermore, IP design and international green energy standard are able to cater to a wide range of different users.

IoT products

By equipping various consumer electronics with wireless technology, they are endowed with functions such as long-distance communication, low power consumption and cloud service. Dynamic power management conforms to international green energy standards, while IP rated design supports protection from water and dust. Pegatron’s outstanding industrial design is complemented by multiple application technologies to create bespoke IoT products for our clients that can be used in smart homes and other diverse applications.


Drone systems provide automated flight and powerful computer visualization capabilities. Combined with cloud service, it can take off/land, hover and follow predetermined routes automatically thanks to auto stabilization, precise positioning/tracking and long-range transmission. We provide complete consumer and commercial drone solutions, customized functions as well as app development to meet the varying flying needs of our clients.


With numerous years of design and development experience in robots, Pegatron’s products are equipped with smart navigation, accurate environmental sensors, and power/performance management. In addition to exceptional industrial design capability, we also possess automated production technology necessary for robot manufacturing. Pegatron has collaborated with prominent international manufacturers to develop domestic and industrial robots by combining numerous key technologies in order to cater to diverse application needs in different types of robots.

Virtual Reality

The R&D team has comprehensive VR product R&D know-how to enhance the users’ immersive VR experience, broaden their field of view and materialize motion tracking of more than 360 degrees. In other words, we are able to present authentic, accurate spatial positioning experience to let the user grab or move objects in the virtual world using his body movements.