We are dedicated to introducing innovative design thinking into every detail of production.

The Company

Design and Manufacturing Service

PEGATRON Corporation (hereafter referred to as “PEGATRON”) was founded on January 1, 2008. With abundant product development experience and vertically integrated manufacturing, we are committed to providing clients with innovative design, systematic production and manufacturing service in order to comprehensively and efficiently satisfy all of our customers’ needs. PEGATRON features a solid R&D team, friendly, fast service quality as well as a high degree of employee cohesion. Furthermore, we have combined EMS and ODM industries to become an emerging Design and Manufacturing Service (DMS) company. Consequently, we are able to offer industry-leading, state-of-the-art products and profitable business opportunities for our partners.

Our outstanding computer services include designing computers, computer hardware, portable devices and networks and associated peripheral devices for others related to operational and supporting services; computer information technology and computer programming consultation; designing, updating, duplications, and maintenance of computer software(program) and providing extended information service in the field of computers and communication, i.g. computer systems analysis, computer network systems analysis, mobile telephone communication transmission for special customer demands.


Additionally, we provide many flexible and reliable intangible products, including installation, repair or maintenance of computer related products, portable devices,  telephone, household appliance, networks associated peripheral devices, and etc. We also provide hardware and software service for telecommunications connections, transmission of information by electronic communications networks and providing information about telecommunication according to customer requirements.