Pegatron Achieves Smart Factory and Industrial Automation Inspection with NVIDIA Metropolis and Omniverse


COMPUTEX—May 29, 2023—Pegatron today announced its collaboration with NVIDIA to integrate the latest AI-driven defect detection and digital twin technologies into its factory. Pegatron's innovative AI-driven factory automation workflow will utilize the NVIDIA Metropolis framework and NVIDIA Omniverse — a development platform for building and operating industrial digitalization applications — to develop, deploy, and manage quality-control solutions, saving costs and improving production efficiency.

Pegatron has a rich product line, including motherboards, desktop computers, laptops, wireless broadband systems, gaming consoles, network equipment, set-top boxes, smart mobile devices, automotive electronics, 5G private network, servers, and more. As one of the world's largest manufacturers, Pegatron has closely collaborated with NVIDIA in factory simulation and AI-based automation, leveraging its rich experience in product development and vertical integration capabilities. Furthermore, Pegatron has also developed servers and a 5G private network total solution to enable AI automation.

Through the characteristics of 5G such as multi-connectivity, high bandwidth, and low latency, it can efficiently and effectively collect all data from IoT devices in the production process. With Pegatron servers using NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs, the production side can train AI models on a large scale and quickly. Similarly, inference servers with NVIDIA A40 GPUs can efficiently execute AI model inference. Pegatron has also developed a No Code/Low Code platform called PEGA.AI, which is used for data collection, model training, model management, model deployment, and performance tracking, powered by NVIDIA Metropolis. Through PEGA.AI, 5G private network, and AI servers, Pegatron can rapidly and extensively deploy AI models in factories.

Additionally, Pegatron is a partner in implementing NVIDIA Omniverse, Metropolis, and AI in smart factories. Pegatron integrates digital twins with AI technology to create physically accurate, intelligent component defect detection equipment. This equipment, integrated with PEGA.AI, can rapidly collect and analyze various data to manufacture high-quality products. Pegatron's technology and products aim to help factories improve productivity, save costs, and enhance product quality.

Dr. Shue, Chief Technology Officer at Pegatron, said, "We have always been committed to applying the most advanced technology to enhance customer value. We are honored to collaborate with NVIDIA and utilize the Metropolis and Omniverse platforms to create a revolutionary smart factory solution. This will significantly improve manufacturers' efficiency and product quality, driving the development of industrial automation. Having the NVIDIA AI platform and accelerated computing technology allows us to further optimize and automate our operations. This puts us in a unique position to drive the next wave of industrial automation and bring significant value to our customers."

In summary, based on the NVIDIA Metropolis and Omniverse platforms, along with the corresponding PEGA.AI technology, 5G, and server solutions, Pegatron provides a revolutionary smart factory solution that helps manufacturers achieve goals such as increased efficiency, cost savings, improved product quality and digital transformation.


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